Data and storytelling to improve local transport

How data journalism can revolutionise local transport: A West Midlands case study‘ (copy below in PDF) sets out how why I believe data journalists and transport professionals collaborating together is key to the success of local transport. It’s published in this book ‘Data Journalism, Past, Present and Future’, available here.

Local transport is evolving rapidly, and demands much broader diversity into the decision-making process so that it truly delivers for all.  Transport is a key enabler that will shape the future of our society, health, wellbeing and how we work and use our leisure time.

The West Midlands is home to some fundamental local transport improvements, and challenges, as well as a strong open source, open data and local innovation ethos. In helping journalists understand more about transport, my hope is that their skills will help us engage and collaborate as a society, representative of a much broader and diverse range of views, to design our future transport solutions that are representative of all those who use them.

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