We simplify the communication of technical subjects

We help technical staff deliver engaging insights that inspire change

Delivering great transport services depends on excellent engineering, analytical and technical work by many teams of colleagues. The insights from this effort are valuable in helping to maintain peak performance. However, they are not always communicated effectively.

Managers and leaders juggle many demands and do not always have time to get into the detail.

Working with DEFT153, you can help your technical teams make their findings accessible and relevant to decision-makers and deliver your goals for development and growth.

What we do

Our Services

Logo for DEFT153 Learning and skills development service: icon of a brain, overlaid with a gym weight
Learning and skills development

We work with a variety of public sector and transport service organisations to provide learning and support services that help technical teams to communicate their work more effectively.

Logo for DEFT153 Content and Experience creation: icon of 3 people with a chat bubble full of stars, indicating they are sharing discussion of a good experience
Content and experience creation

We work with established events and media organisations to design and deliver engaging programmes, feature stands and content to build audiences for key events.

Logo for DEF153 Technical service design: icon of a magnifying glass looking over a written document
Technical service design

We work with stakeholders across policy, technical and commercial teams to align priorities with user needs to enable successful project delivery. These support the practical integration of new technology into public sector services.

Meet our team

headshot image of Teresa Jolley

Teresa Jolley

Creative Director

Teresa brings a wealth of experience in designing and delivering change management solutions for engineering consultancy, media and events organisations, industry groups and the public sector

headshot photo of Nic Cary

Sir Nic Cary

Associate Director

Nic brings a wealth of leadership experience in digital, technology and communication design from his various change management roles across public and private sectors

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