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Practical and effective learning

Technical staff are rarely taught the communication skills that they need to maximise the value of their work. 

This often reveals itself when they are asked to prepare a short presentation on their work for senior staff.

Our learning solutions focus on practical strategies to help technical staff to understand the audience. We provide plenty of opportunities to practise the design skills that enable the creation of engaging and memorable audience experiences. 

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Make the most of our free resources to help you understand the basics and prioritise what further learning will be of most value to you.

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Stand out from the crowd with our e-learning courses and 1-2-1 coaching sessions, designed to develop the key skills and capabilities you need for your current and future roles.

Grow your team's capability

Commission us to deliver a tailor-made learning solution for your team, to invest in the development of their communication skills and help achieve your organisational goals.

Case Study: Communicating Analysis Programme for National Highways

Pioneering approach

National Highways led the way in commissioning this programme. It was designed to increase the value of their analytical work by communicating it to audiences more effectively.

We delivered the programme in partnership with Costain and Stantec.

For analytical teams

Developed with the Chief Analyst’s Division, this programme provides a good practice resource that is designed to support the work of its analysts.  It is also relevant to other technical and engineering teams.

Solving key challenges

Drop-in clinics and collaborative workshop design gave us a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing analysts in communicating their work more effectively. We then designed the programme to address those needs.

Five core themes

Our Temple of Communication provides a visual and textual reference to the five core areas of good practice in which skills need to be developed:

  • Know your audience
  • Graph, chart and table design
  • Storytelling
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Dashboard and report design

Practice on-the-job

Our Quick Start Guide provides a central resource for analysts to navigate the five core themes. The supporting materials help them practice particular skills on-the-job as and when their work demands it: 

  • Practice scenarios
  • Things to watch out for when reviewing the work of others
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Short video guides
  • Worked examples
  • Book and online references

Deliver company goals

To maximise this programme’s value, we used Action Mapping to ensure that good practice principles drawn from elsewhere were aligned to support National Highways’ organisational priorities

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